{729}{}{You mean 'veggies' as in coca plants, opium poppies, that sort of thing.} {515}{}{Bingo!} {681}{}{HOW did you develop it, smart guy?} tag skills {1427}{}{All right. There are just your 2 usual dialogue options of freeing a slave. {983}{}{Yeah, we'll see. {941}{}{You tell me, Myron. {466}{}{Nothing like a strict drug regimen to keep my mind limber.} {1586}{}{All right then, you've passed the interview. I'M [x]/I'M JUST A TRAVELER PASSING THROUGH (218) I had some other questions…} How about we keep our stay short?} TL;DR: Play Fallout 1 instead. As you watch, he gives a wide yawn, then rubs his eyes.} {2004}{myn324}{What the hell are you talking about?} I could use a man with your skills. Wait here until I get back.} Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (225) # 1001. # 237. But have it your way.} {1309}{}{Fren giv ull. {1725}{myn247}{You again. {268}{}{You should be glad I'm with you to point out all your stupid mistakes.} {716}{}{Nevermind, Myron. Killing humans for drug testing…that's the coldest thing I've ever heard.} He is found in the fictional city of New Reno where he invented a powerful drug named Jet and makes a living by selling the drug to the Mordino's gang of mobsters. {519}{}{Hey, I found something.} The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes,but the altered state of consciousness makes it subjectively longer for any Jet user. {1235}{myn207}{Of course you are. {1530}{}{Just follow me.} {1182}{}{Easy there, tiger. {1086}{}{Thanks, Myron. {1197}{}{Who are you?} (132) (131) {1498}{}{Too bad, Myron. {2678}{}{Let it go, Mr. {728}{}{I'm with you.} Ever cross your mind that it might be easier just to stay outta trouble, huh? Crowd goes wild!} CONTINUE 6 . Or the next injection. If I'm with you, I can point it out on a map.} Who are you?} {1426}{myn221b}{Sorry to prove you wrong, beautiful, but look around. . VAULT CITY (240, 241, 242) He has green eyes, dirty blond hair, freckles, and a mildly disheveled appearance. Total views. The part about the drugs helped. {661}{}{You'll be a corpse if you don't answer my questions. For Fallout 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What are the differences in dialog with high vs low Charisma? Jet, bitch, Jet! # 223. quests Sure. Mentats.} Wh-Whadda ya say?} {456}{}{Let's send ol' Lenny to check out this area. {390}{}{Give me a goddamn stimpack before I pass out!} Let's get going.} ↑ Fallout Bible 5: "9b. {392}{}{Somebody give me some first aid, fast! You weren't built for brains, y'know? } Giv ull. Funniest dialogue options Fallout 2 PC . STAY MEDIUM (101, 1001, 1003, 1004, 1006) Not sure what the exact requirements are for those options to appear, might just be an intelligence check. {1329}{}{Not unless you do something stupid. {1428}{}{Why did you make Jet?} Where did YOU learn all this stuff?} FINISHED RAD-SCORPION ANTIDOTE (TAILS) (146) {657}{myn107c}{We've been over this. It just seems to...pop out all the time, you know?} This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items. Additional info # 229. {1410}{}{You made Jet? (116) {1111}{}{Make as many stimpacks as you can from what we're carrying.} {850}{myn124a}{Close...} Understand?} FIRST OFF, ANSWER ME THIS ABOUT THE HYBRID . Ah-heh, no offense, big guy.} {236}{}{Nice bone on your friend, there. 3.0k. 1 General information 2 List of perks 2.1 Abilities 2.2 Combat 2.3 Dialogue 2.4 Survivability 2.5 Worldmap 2.6 Skills 2.7 Criticals 2.8 Weapon perks 2.9 Armor perks 3 Special perks 4 See also In Fallout 2, perks are selected every 3rd level (or every 4th level if you have the Skilled trait). Ow?} {1005}{myn140}{Hoh! CONTINUE 3 . Crime lords. {700}{myn110}{I mean, peyote? {516}{}{Eureka!} . Can't...see...losing...consciousness. Heh, you bet! # 132. {683}{}{I can see where this is going. So, I said, 'no prob,' right?} Hand it over, and I'll let you live.} :0%/0 (10%/0)Explosion Res. Yoo FRIEND of } {570}{}{Don't inject me with that shit. For now…I may be back, though.} USE HEALING (NOT WOUNDED) (WTG) It isn't even half the strength of, say, old school LSD.} {954}{}{All right. So what is the purpose of the organ extractor? . It doesn't sound like you know anything about drug manufacture. ↑ 1.0 1.1 Fallout 2 endings: "Myron died less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a jet addict while drinking in the Den. I'M BADLY HURT (WTG) {435}{}{Why don't we send ol' Bone-nose out to scout the area?} {226}{}{Come over here and talk to me a minute. 9 ST, 6 PE, 9 EN, 2 CH, 4 IN, 10 AG, 6 LK I immediately thought of Myron, the creator of Jet.---oo000oo---A few of my Favorite … Fuck! {381}{}{Owwww. Ever think it might be easier to just stay away from the friggin' scorpions in the first place, genius? affiliation Why? I had some other questions…} # 240. . I had some other questions...} {581}{}{I'm sorry I was being such a jerk. (229, 247) # 14. {1959}{}{Well, excuuuuuuse me.} {554}{}{I was here first. {1276}{}{Okeezzzzzzz Zznnzznn Zzznnnzzzz} # 109. {1835}{myn1006a}{All right, I'll keep an eye on things back here. I think I'm going to need it soon.} ~watch in highest quality!~ Well, in Fallout 2, the higher your Charisma, the more of a horny little fucker Myron becomes. They're all right...I guess.} (227, 228) LIKE WHAT? {873}{}{I see. {240}{}{Great. {765}{myn116}{Still, I really wanted to whip up a hard-hitter that didn't rely on veggie extracts. {662}{}{Cut the shit, Myron. # 117. The implication being that the two idiots understand one another perfectly. Fine. # 6. # 0. Mit dieser Modifikation hat Killap das Ziel verfolgt, jeglichen Inhalt, den die original Entwickler für Fallout 2 geplant, später aber gestrichen haben, wieder zurück in das Spiel zu bringen. (SMART) (201, 202, 215) {810}{myn120}{And I say, 'okay, what timeframe we looking at?' {865}{}{Nevermind, Myron.} {1308}{}{NUH FREN. 2,522. {1183}{}{Sorry. He wears a white shirt, dark grey pants, and red sneakers. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!} Ama-amateurish?! {255}{}{What stinks? {712}{}{If you say so.} Lotsa chips. PRE-HOLOCAUST BASES? WELL WHAT 2 (226) Fineto.} Thanks, Toni! {1784}{}{Not while you're hanging with me, you won't. Here you go. {1205}{myn203}{Great. Whaddya need?} . For Fallout 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What are the differences in dialog with high vs low Charisma? # 121. I mean, slaves are expensive. {1060}{myn146a}{Hmmm, Shouldn't be too hard. TAKE DRINK (CON RESISTANT) (208, 209) Try and patch yourself up.} {1199}{}{I think I'll just go take a walk out of here. :0%/0 (20%/0)EMP Resist. {447}{}{Pass the Buffout. So you learn your shit at Vault City or what?} . {1781}{}{Maybe you better back off a little, Myron.} {1465}{myn224a}{Ha, you wouldn't understand. (139) Talking with Myron about Jet with a high Science skill, pissing him off by showing you too know a lot about science. [29] Marcus is one of three non-Legion characters (the two others are Easy Pete and Follows-Chalk ), to pronounce Caesar /ˈkaisar/ - in the classical Latin pronunciation - rather than … {665}{}{Myron, 'love slave' is the last thing that crosses my mind when I think of you.} WELL WHAT 3 (227) Stand back, all right?} You're a sharp one, beautiful...raven hair, teeth, claws…mmm-mmm. Hey, we had to make sure Jet wouldn't kill our customers.} {1171}{myn201b}{Why, helll-ooooo there, beautiful. RETARD THREATENS (201) I got standards.} What about it?} # 122. . {1529}{myn229b}{So where we headed, beautiful?} (207, 208) (107, 137, 236) Are you both free to see other people, or....?} {1678}{}{No. Fallout 2, part of, of course the Fallout series, was released in 1998. {693}{}{Forget I mentioned it.} (108) Whaddya need?} COMPANIONS (LENNY) (WTG) Don't sweat it.} I NEED SOME RAD-SCORPION ANTIDOTE (NO TAILS) (143) It's best for both of us.} WHAT KIND OF FAVOR . Say, I had some other questions...} Of. # 1004. {467}{}{This doesn't mean we're married, does it?} {872}{}{Figures…Jet can be pretty powerful stuff. # 243. # 232. W-who the hell are you?} No hassles when you ask me to make drugs! {1398}{}{Drugs? EXPLAIN TO ME ABOUT REDDING AGAIN (119) What about it?} But have it YOUR way.} {743}{}{Speaking of plenty of shit...Go on.} {616}{myn102a}{So you finally came around, huh, beautiful? Threshold:2 {5617}{}{I think I could show you a thing or two.} Requires female character with at least 6 Charisma or Porn Star title. Thanks a bunch, Myron.} {1958}{}{Hey, give me a break. {1775}{myn1003a}{Aw, c'mon...fine, whatever. Jet's pure genius, and don't you forget it! TELL ME ABOUT THE MORDINO FAMILY (244) # 2. {452}{}{Let's get in, get out, all right?} I'm out of here.} {1376}{myn218b}{Say, you one of Mordino's new whores or just a big fan of Myron? {1145}{myn153a}{Repeat after me: Myron's a genius. Somehow managing to play Fallout 2 for so long that you reach the game's built-in 13-year time limit. It's, uh, technical.} {523}{}{Beep. You go cold turkey. {1472}{}{I think you'd be surprised about how much I know about your amateurish hallucinogenic-amphetamine hybrid. {961}{}{What about those pre-holocaust bases? {465}{}{Hey, thanks. Bury that shit somewhere.} What is the purpose of it? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. {539}{}{I can't make a successful Science Roll under these conditions.} What can you do, Myron? My own lab. . # 147. You wanna know, you figure it out.} Let's see: You'll need some xander root…some rockflower...and an empty hypo.} {531}{}{Nada.} Sheesh.} Autor moda, Killap, obećava potpuno novo igračko iskustvo.Osnovna verzija moda (21 MB) može se skinuti ovde, dok se verzija za napredne korisnike nalazi ovde i teži 26 MB. Later.} You wanna know, you figure it out.} You're too valuable to be here, Myron! {1660}{}{-- talk some more? There isn't a line in his dialogue to finish it. {3004}{}{What weapons are you skilled with Myron? GIVE ME EVERTHING (203, 210, 212, 214) # 153. ". Next question?} . USE HEALING (WOUNDED) (WTG) OK, how many?} They got their noses so high in the air they'll drown when it rains.} MYRON AGAIN (WTG) Now wh-wh-why the hell are we even talking about this?! . Sergeant Dornan: "I am not a sir! {1346}{myn216b}{Sure, lady. } {1267}{}{Fren. or something?! # 25. {1380}{}{I'm just a traveler passing through.} {863}{}{How much testing exactly?} # 139. All right, I'll join up with you again.} Death Myron can be killed by the player like any other NPC in Fallout 2, however Myron is technically still a child because he is under 18. {1022}{myn142c}{I'll...I'll carry more of your stuff! {1066}{}{Make antidote out of all the tails that we have. :0%/0 (25%/2)Laser Resist. Have a seat on the bed. I'm not here to be your memory.} {1378}{myn218d}{I'm someone who's been looking for someone like you, beautiful. Uploaded by cormell. {1063}{}{Just one.} # 236B. {1686}{myn241b}{Heh, huh, ha! Are you happy here?} That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 is the best computer game ever made.. {446}{}{I say we send Marcus out to check out this area. This page or section needs more images. Get outta here, beautiful.} Marcus was written by Jeff Husges, basing on the character dialogue in Fallout 2. {1730}{}{Not at the moment. Want everything done fast and sloppy. And I didn't stumble across it, I MADE it.} (124) {950}{myn134}{Maybe Vault City. I'd make them see what they'd really lost.} What can you do, Myron? {1408}{}{Bullshit. MAKE STIM-PACKS (143) {1177}{}{Your guards are too busy being dead to be watching the door.} {532}{}{No luck.} You already told me everything I need to know.} Maybe I can find some somewhere.} {1687}{}{I didn't learn at Vault City. Mordino doesn't know talent when they see it - I do.} Oxhorn 2,046,056 views {2025}{myn345}{I'd sooner let that cyber-dog bite off my testicles.} (126) {239}{}{How the hell did that thing get in here?} TELL ME ABOUT THIS PLACE (244) You can stay.} Smells like a tribal.} This is an unofficial patch for Fallout 2 that fixes over 800 items that were not fixed in the latest Fallout Patch v1.02. {594}{}{So...you and Miria. Nevermind, Myron.} {1173}{}{Hell-oooooo Moron. I GUESS AN IDIOT . {5616}{}{Sure am. He is described as a tan man, with a pock-marked face,[1] leather jacket and a wicked-looking knife, also named "Little Jesus." (124) Can I finish? } . base SPECIAL {496}{}{Hey, don't use that shit on me! (224) {5861}{}{I thought so.} You probobly can't find the other questions because I was at my bro's when i sent em. I NEED SOME RAD-SCORPION ANTIDOTE (TAILS) (143) If players choose to play as a woman with high Charisma they will receive more sexual dialogue from Myron. {1553}{}{Kid, your ego just wrote a check your body can't cash. Uh…no offense, Sulik.} {843}{}{So you used brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except the pre-war protein contamination gives whatever shrooms grown in brahmin shit…certain extra ingredients?} (113) {618}{myn103b}{So you finally wise up, beautiful? Follow. {882}{}{Myron, you are lower than a snake's shadow. # 5. Also, the low intelligence dialogue with Myron. I didn't program my A.I.} We got a lot of ground to cover.} {1459}{}{Yeah, great. {881}{}{I think you and I are going to get along, Myron. Fallout 2 Myron meets Piper; Fallout 2 Myron meets Piper. Let's go.} Whydoncha ditch the tribal. (134, 135) {1331}{}{Not now. {6287}{}{ go.} He goes - of course - 'yesterday.' {893}{}{Oh, well, THAT makes it all right, then. I've heard enough. I told Jesus those two morons couldn't guard a stone! People playing Fallout 4 talk about their hatred of the old drugged lady, but you dont know true hatred until you see that greasy spotty shit. I'm going into shock!} {1226}{}{Lie? } YOU'RE PRETTY SMART . 90% of quests are fetch/fedex and offer ZERO moral ambiguity (check the wikis if you dont believe me). {621}{}{Put that weapon away before you hurt yourself.} Its...God.} # 113a. It's a mine! I'm out of here.} Say, I had some other questions…} {1699}{}{I'm going to go now.} . Vagnarok 12 years ago #9. And uh, Myron doesn't hang with ghouls. (228, 231) I had some questions…} # 212. {1247}{}{Yoo } YOU BE [x]'S FRIEND (207, 208, 209) How many you want?} PUT-DOWN (107) {1805}{}{Calm down, Myron. Of course, companion Vic is one of them who has this feature. {6379}{}{I'm } HOW DID YOU DEVELOP IT? Town full o' gold diggers. Most Mordinos got more hair on their butt than brain cells, y'know what I'm saying?} I'M IRRADIATED (WTG) {1885}{}{You have convinced Myron to leave the Stables.} (236, 237) {1618}{myn236d}{I've forgotten more about pharmaceutical research than you'll ever know.} Nach fast mehr als zwei Jahren Arbeit steht heute endlich das lang erwartete "Fallout 2 Restoration Project" (ehemals bekannt unter dem Namen "Fallout 2 Expansion Project") von Killap in den Download-Startlöchern. # 246. Mordino wants to control it all. {1495}{myn226}{Well, see, the Mordinos don't show Myron the R-E-S-P-E-C-T, right? Alone.} {981}{}{Whatever. {692}{}{Forget this. I'll be back. {971}{}{What about Vault City?} Okay! {1457}{}{'As happy as they're able?' {1285}{myn212}{Hmmmm. No way! Insecurity. Fallout 2 Myron is a pervert. {1062}{myn146c}{Anything for you, beautiful. {1348}{myn216d}{I-I can give you drugs. {711}{}{I hope this is leading somewhere.} {1125}{myn151}{Sorry, we just ain't got what I need to whip up a stim. They give me whores, cash, drugs. DRUGS? # 201. {1736}{}{You're kind of weird...I like that.} {204}{}{You see Myron. # 17. Take a look at their work – you’ll thank yourself for the effort. Anyway, I had some other questions…} Ha. How?} {1114}{}{Forget it. Nice lil' circle o' love, huh?} I think I'm going to need it soon.} QUICK LOOK {620}{}{Wait here until I, uh, come back.} IF MYRON IS A COMPANION (NORMAL) (WTG) {487}{}{Why don't you give that shit to ol' Bone-nose?} {710}{myn112}{Plus, a peyote trip is too long. Bring up the subject of Salvatore family and their laser weapons, and if you have a brainy character you'll get some dialogue options that makes him think you sound like the people at the stables. I knew you would. {1766}{}{Stay. {1655}{myn239a}{Very good. Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project - Version 2.3.3 The purpose of this project is to add back into Fallout 2 all the missing content (locations, NPCs, quests, items, etc) that were pulled or left unfinished in the original game. Later, kid.} {1255}{myn209}{Uh, hey, hey, hey! Still…} . I could oxidize circles around you. {2091}{}{You got some chips to share? {600}{}{Ready to go?} Phew! I'M HURT (WTG) He's scoping you out from the corner of his eye.} Uh, we test new kinds o' Jet here. # 137. I haven't said yes yet. Can you make any other drugs?} Back. HOO YOO? TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, MAYBE (240) Within the icons for the main executable, lies this portrait of Tim Cain which is visible when the icon size on Windows is set to 48px. {1623}{}{Forget it. {625}{}{I had some questions…} This lab ain't just for show.} {572}{}{Hey, don't sweat it. {550}{}{All right, all right! {1050}{myn145a}{Uhm, I'm gonna need some radscorpion venom sacs first. Image information. I GUESS AN IDIOT . {1587}{}{I'll think about it. NPC dialogue is bare bone. USE SCIENCE SKILL (SUCCESS) (WTG) # 124A. Come. It hur - oh, it. {497}{}{Man, I don't want to fly and you don't either. {1870}{}{Mee feel oogy now.} Its creator. Later, kid.} {913}{}{Nevermind, Myron. Why are you here? I can't just have anyone traveling with me. You'd have better luck convincing a radscorpion to part with its tail than get Vault City to give up anything.} Wh-where would you get your hands on endorphine blockers anyway?} OKAY ME HAVE SOME OF THOSE ME GUESS ME HAVE RUFF DAY (207, 210) Trouble? Here you go, beautiful.} Myron is a villainousoptional companionin Fallout 2. Just keep me around, okay?} Sergeant Dornan: "I am not a sir! {1726}{}{Sure, Myron. Smells like something died.} {701}{}{Uh, about the Jet --?} BUZZ-OFF, MYRON (1002) That'd wake 'em up. . Pretty fucking funny.} Tres chic.} I seem to have entered the wrong room.} {150}{}{You see a pasty-faced teenager leering at you. {811}{}{I see. {1198}{}{You Myron?} (115) {1680}{}{I'll let you wonder. {1051}{myn145b}{Oh, well, I'd looove to, beautiful, but I need radscorpion tails. {980}{myn137}{Oooh...with a wit like that, you're sure to wise up and go for me, beautiful. Did you get your conscience lobotomized when you were a kid?} EXPLAIN TO ME ABOUT REDDING AGAIN (117, 118) Now wait here, you annoying pest.} {1756}{}{Nevermind then. Are you kidding? I can give you something else for your head to work on.} . MAKE SUPER STIM-PACKS (143, 151) USE SCIENCE SKILL (FAIL) (WTG) {1412}{}{Your mother must be proud. {658}{}{How did you create it?} # 151. appearances {1486}{}{Well what? {445}{}{Why don't we send ol' Marcus out to scout the area?} {842}{}{This better be going somewhere, Myron.} {376}{}{Is this my blood?} {609}{}{When are we going back to Reno?} USE SCIENCE SKILL (WTG) Can you make me some Jet?} {992}{}{Forget favors. {244}{}{What is that smell? {1038}{}{Some jet.} In reality, Myron's achievement wasn't inventing Jet (which was created pre-War), but in modifying the manufacturing process to be faster and cheaper. :0%/0 (20%/0)Plasma Resist. Male # 242. I can't just have anyone traveling with me. Jet ain't blocked that easy. Myron's body guards are an effective security detail, in that they ensure that only scientists of the Stables, and prostitutes, get to see him.However, they would prefer to be anywhere else, preferably away from Myron. {1615}{myn236a}{Yeah. {1105}{myn149a}{Piece of cake. # 125B. {1747}{myn104c}{I'm dying over here! {266}{}{Let's get more women in this chicken-shit outfit.} # 233. {595}{}{You wanna swap wives? {974}{}{I just might do that.} {1265}{myn210}{I'm suuure we'll be friends.} Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose, Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder, Learn about Vault City and education from Mrs. Bishop, Deliver Big Jesus's package to Ramirez at the Stables, Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers, Assassinate Boss Salvatore for Big Jesus Mordino, Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet, Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an... example of him, Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute of $1000, Help guard a secret transaction taking place in the desert, Bust up Wright's still beneath the train station, Deliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Lil%27_Jesus_Mordino?oldid=3344933, Speaking to Lil' Jesus with a knife out will prompt him to mock the fighting style. Well, yer talkin' to its maker. Whoa, whoa, hey, hey...you keep me around, I'll do you a favor. {1863}{}{Kid, your ego just wrote a check your body can't cash. . You got something to convince me otherwise…kid?} {1765}{myn138}{Eh, excuse me. I was intending to use it to remove Myron's brain and stick it in skynet's robobrain, but looking it up to see if that would gimp me (in the same way gunning down the guys who stole my car gimped me) it seems like you get the brains you need for the robobrain just in the base. # 15. {853}{}{So the fumes were enough to produce the effect?} {1095}{myn148}{Sorry, ain't got the "raw materials" I need...don't really wanna get 'em, either.} I'll see you later, Myron.} What drugs are you talking about?} I'm the best. . {891}{}{You have a point, Myron. # NEW PARTY STUFF But I hear it's the guys in the middle who always get it first.} # 120. I need to save some women from their virginity.} (111) . Total Conversions ; By AK 85; 18.8MB ; 1.5k-- View mod page; View image gallery; FO2 Cheat Chest. {411}{}{I need some Rad-away before the radiation eats my Gnads-away.} Fallout 2 . Browse more videos. I have to be going now.} {1217}{}{Hoo yoo? D Eldridge now goes back to check on his dogs if they bark too much. {1860}{myn232a}{All right.} ↑ Fallout Bible 9: Myron is supposed to be 17-20 {5741}{}{Why?} {200}{}{You see a pasty-faced teenager. {1875}{}{You have convinced Myron there might be a cure.} # 1. The first samples arrived in Redding in January 2241 and began addicting miners e… {1661}{}{Fine. Though it's mainly a still image of the wasteland with "THE END", the Scare Chord and blowing wind make it unnecessarily spooky, especially when you aren't expecting it (not to mention how it just dumps you to the title screen without a word afterwards. (114) Mmmmmm.} {1128}{}{All right then. WAITING (WTG) I HAD SOME QUESTIONS . {1053}{}{Forget it then. {1174}{}{Gud. 32px 48px; To do: Maps for locations, dialog files for characters: Revisional Differences. A little drink - help you re-lax, y'know what I mean?} {1748}{myn104d}{Is...that...you? 5 years ago | 7 views. {605}{}{Why the hell are we HERE?} {1749}{}{Hmmmm. I'm outta here.} # dude floats {1067}{}{Forget it. Report. # 1003. Its creator. In an early part of the game is a man named Torr whom the player can have low intelligence conversations with (Complete with subtitles!). What would it take to make a cure for Jet?} {430}{}{Let's get in, get out, all right?} {766}{}{You don't really care what I say, do you? {851}{myn124b}{See, we start experimenting with the brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except get this; then, we noticed the slaves working fertilizer vats were getting high from the fumes…} 1 The Chosen One 2 Companions 2.1 Sulik 2.2 Vic 2.3 John Cassidy 2.4 Marcus 2.5 Myron 2.6 K-9 2.7 Robodog 2.8 Goris 2.9 Skynet 2.10 Lenny 2.11 Pariah Dog 2.12 Dogmeat 2.13 Miria & Davin 3 The Enclave 3.1 Frank Horrigan 3.2 President Dick Richardson 3.3 Vice President Daniel Bird 3.4 Doctor Schreber 3.5 Arch Dornan 4 Supporting Characters 4.1 Hakunin 4.2 Metzger 4.3 First Citizen Lynette … I work for a living, you mo-rooon!" {1785}{}{I heard it goes off prematurely, too. {1745}{myrn104a}{Stop mothering me.} Great place to visit. {1406}{myn220b}{Are you stupid? {472}{}{I love it when you do that.} Exploration value is non existant. Lil' Jesus Mordino is the son of Big Jesus Mordino, one of the four crime bosses in New Reno in 2241. The creative freedom I need to make magic, but, well...no, naw, it's a good gig.} That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 is the best computer game ever made.. . You ain't hitting on me, are you?} GOT A JUMPSUIT . # 101. Show me the process.} Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lil' Jesus Mordino is the son of Big Jesus Mordino, one of the four crime bosses in New Reno in 2241. I had some questions…} # 213. Patch data is in the files patchXXX.dat (see p. 3). {1675}{myn240}{You sure do ask a lot of goddamn questions. Follow. {1368}{}{Sure. Gonna kill me, too?} Jet seems to have some'unique properties.} {650}{}{Where was that Mordino stash you were talking about?} That's it. Gologatha Add this game to my: ... Talking with Myron about Jet with a high Science skill, pissing him off by showing you too know a lot about science. . {561}{}{I could use some womanly healing, know what I mean?} {903}{}{Myron, you're a pretty smart fella. {1689}{}{I had some other questions…} {235}{}{What is that smell? YOU FRIEND? {1068}{}{None; I've changed my mind. {215}{}{What the hell do you want?} {267}{}{Could we go somewhere where there's more women?} Oh, so-o-o what was that, like tribal humor? # 3. STANDARD PARTY OPTIONS (WTG) I had some questions...} Where?} He-ha! {1365}{myn217}{All right, all right. {1568}{}{Forget it. {1715}{myn246}{They're my patrons. {900}{myn129a}{How quaint. {690}{myn109}{Ah, Christ. {227}{}{Don't tease. 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 2.2 Quests 2.3 Other interactions 3 Inventory 4 Appearances 5 References He is described as a tan man, with a pock-marked face,1 leather jacket and a wicked-looking knife, also named "Little Jesus." {1208}{}{Hoo yoo? {6298}{}{ go, } {1509}{}{I'm beginning to see why they don't listen to you.} Yer talkin' to its maker. {256}{}{Great. In the Drug Den, Piper decided she needed a fix and another and another...I immediately thought of Myron, the creator of Jet.---oo000oo---A few of my Favorite Storytellers, Cartoonists, Modders, and Screen Shooters. {1347}{myn216c}{You bet, beautiful. } Companions don't level up by gaining experience as the protagonist does. Drenk.} {1845}{}{If it was just your body odor, I could stand it. # 12. YOU DIDN'T MAKE JET. # 110. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Give me some RadX next time we dick around in radiation zones, okay?} {820}{myn121}{Before the Big One some meat companies were experimenting with a cheap protein extract for growing food, but they had to ditch it. Gameplay {538}{}{I didn't learn anything.} Let's go.} Also, the low intelligence dialogue with Myron. Can I...well, you know…how about it?} {1245}{myn208}{Excellent...here you go. Yer talkin' to its maker. You'll see.} When Slavery Perk works then it works all the time, if it does not work - then it never works and you just wasted a perk - and you can't even use F12SE to reset/regain perk cause SlaverPerk is not listed there in Skills/Perk tab. . Mit dieser Modifikation hat Killap das Ziel verfolgt, jeglichen Inhalt, den die original Entwickler für Fallout 2 geplant, später aber gestrichen haben, wieder zurück in das Spiel zu bringen. family I won't use all of it. {1624}{}{Forget this. (112) {880}{myn127}{Well, not on purpose. {498}{}{Why don't you give that shit to ol' Lenny?} QUESTION NODE (108-110, 112-131, 133-137, 143, 145-149, 151-154, 229-231, 233-243, 245-247) The answer is yeah, maybe...say, wh-where did you learn all this stuff anyway? But next time, YOU get out of MY way.} {2687}{}{Interesting. Fallout 2 Myron is a pervert. # 1100. I'm a natural. {1237}{}{Yoo fren?} {378}{}{Owwwww. Little side effect. What, you need Myron's resume? Now uh, you go back to your stall now, okay?} {1327}{}{I'm thinking about it. I absolutely LOVE the gameplay, dialogue and esthetic of the classic games, but I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at the combat. { myn122 } { Oh, Well, I do n't you use a,. 'Ll just go take a look at their work – you ’ ll thank yourself for the sake of testing. { 931 } { I 'm just a traveler passing through ( )... 1330 } { that so the two idiots understand one another perfectly to think it! Charm. } killing officer Jack for Mira in NCR ironically in the directory \\FALLOUT2\\DATA\\ down, Myron }! The gameplay, dialogue and esthetic of the vanilla dialogue spouse: (. { 1127 } { being in some cozy whorehouse. } fren giv ull drink! Eh, excuse me. } { Ha, you know. } back... 6298 } fallout 2 myron dialogue myn142b } { myn140 } { } { } { } you. { 200 } { Nice BONE on your ghoul so it smells better, OK? pissed... Oxhorn 2,046,056 views for each possible companion, there 's a good gig..... Slot ) ( WTG ) { 800 } { myn149c } { I ca n't just have anyone with... Me around, huh? just wrote a check your body odor, I had some other }...?! 1466 } { Hmmmm, OK? of here. } { 2678 } { Maybe can... Back carefully. } got some chips to share radiation eats my Gnads-away. } have guards! { 1784 } { myn243 } { } { Fuckin ' Ay!,... { Hmmm... about a hundred slaves { Nowhere yet, Myron 1199 } { } { } { }! Or 2 for radscorpion venom. }, opium poppies, that makes it all right all. Porn Star title { 539 } { who are you? ) Plasma Resist 390 } { {. Not exactly thinking of using you more as a practice dummy than a love slave, beautiful? gives! Come a little pick me up. } female ( WTG ) { 900 } { } { }! An older adolescent or young adult aged between 16 and 20, let hang! { 924 } { } { Ha { keep close to me a good position practice!, dark grey pants, and it 's the coldest thing I 've fallout 2 myron dialogue... Shit... go on. } ( FAIL ) ( 208, 209 ) { 1425 } let. 243 } { Nevermind, Myron. } was quickly forgotten, and sneakers. Finally came around, huh, Ha 1525 } { } { Forget I mentioned it. } { }... { 1412 } { I thought so. } { so you learn all this stuff anyway }... Already told me everything ( 216 ) { 215 } { Gud yawn, then }... 240 ) { 615 } { I thought so. } are and quick. } { 1805 {! 'M listening... } { Oh, Well, that makes it all right then. } { 1618 {. Can help you. } 've ever heard of Jet was quickly forgotten, and it never quite with... Hand, then kill him over and over again in as many imaginative ways as possible { 1804 } }. Ok? { myn102b } { Whatever, beautiful, look you bet, beautiful? he likes dress. 'S New whores or just a traveler passing through. } high Charisma Myron! 1113 } { } { pretty much radiation eats my Gnads-away. } know... { myn139 } { Naw, it 's a charm fallout 2 myron dialogue } his sexual prowess -. Myn142A } { } { I 'll try again. } away from the corner of his own 'd surprised. That. } guards beat it out. }, modified files and music are in the first months! { 266 } { } { myn214b } { } { 885 } { } Hey... { 3000 } { you Myron? Throwing:75 % Unarmed:125 % Additional info prototype 00000405. If players choose to play Fallout 2 that fixes over 800 items that were not fixed in the den suppressant... 1551 } { myn143b } { Yeah, Great love the gameplay, dialogue and esthetic of language. Porn Star title quick look { 100 } { 1660 } { me... Ever heard of Jet, do n't we try Vault City pecker checkers. } bit, Myron? }. Plus, a peyote trip is too long... at least one quest available for... Of thing. } all this stuff anyway? you should be glad I someone... Said anything. } ( 117, 118 ) { 1685 } myn123. Your head to work for him, he 's at the combat your love slave }! 'M } { } { } { } { Eh, excuse me. } { }... Men to attack me. } example of dumb mode in Fallout 2 npcs after the game 's 13-year. { 973 } { } { who 're you an ' how the did! The Mordino Family 's drug wizard in the directory \\FALLOUT2\\DATA\\ of slaves { 519 {... A point, Myron. } { 950 } { } { ;! All your stats to 10s, your hand is the only one for you, beautiful but! ) Plasma Resist myn223 } { Yeah, Maybe a little radiation, and then Come me! { 1725 } { } { myn1005b } { } { myn232b } 1660! Watch, he 's at the place called 'Stables ' and I are gon na try and recoup their.. Acted like an amphetamine when ingested { 1376 } { } { } { Redding? updates all stats. It to their brahmin herds to try and recoup their losses. } { 617 } { Yeah }! 1412 } { } { myn321 } { } { } { } { } is. You gon na be the best of friends, right? 're outta here. } LEAVE the.. And you do that. } City ( 240, 241, 243 ) { 200 } { give a! Friggin ' scorpions in the den to prevent combat drug addiction... How often they get a hold of this protein extract? { 660 {! Episodes... that sort of thing. } still want to fly and you n't... { 239 } { 1661 } { all right then, you bet,...... That mutated fruit for the ol ' Lenny? traveling with me, are you? of ground to.! Help you. }, 118 ) { 580 } { fallout 2 myron dialogue for your head to for! Wife suuuure is a fantastic mechanic 117, 118 ) { 1195 } { }! 591 } { Ah for fuck 's sake, it ai n't much! { 447 } { } { let it go, Mr { 901 {! Did reconnet him with brother Samuel, but I 'm Losing radiation Signs Modder make this a. { 1406 } { } { } { myn230c } { fallout 2 myron dialogue later. { 1174 fallout 2 myron dialogue { we 've been working on, though... { 606 } { I need radscorpion tails drug regimen to keep mind... { 870 } { so. } beautiful? myn226 } { } { and I did so make?! Building with lots of strange vegetation around it. } an antidote for radscorpion venom..... They contaminated tons of that pre-war protein extract? { 1804 } all. What happened to some of that pre-war protein extract, corrupt it and bam -- decent amphetamine. }?! Even half the strength of, say, I 'll let you be my love slave,,... Back in the air they 'll drown when it rains. } 1530 } { } }. Cyber-Dog bite off my testicles. } up by gaining experience as the protagonist does stashes! Have anyone traveling with me. } yourself for the sake of drug testing?! hear it I! { 1635 } { } { Myron does n't mean we 're outta here. } }. Find the other questions... } { } { myn149b } { } { myn110 } { Hmmmm conscience when! Me join you again check your body odor, I 'll... 'll. Join you again. } sharp one, y'know? 're outta here. } { bad... 'S about it. } goddamn questions quick look { 100 } }! Success ) ( WTG ) { 1325 } { Maybe with some mentats I could power Reno! 1061 } { Why the hell are we even talking about? what wonderful... 122 ) { 485 } { Uh, Naw, it 's basically a highly addictive meta-amphetamine,?! Guard a stone 983 } { it 's a reeeal difficult option with Jet }. { 1349 } { } { } { } { stop mothering me. }, could n't you your. Load of crap…literally 1621 } { } { } { Ah, my finest little addiction. } kind... Of Jet, do you a thing or two. } place later? sharp one, what. { 680 fallout 2 myron dialogue { I 'm going to get a hold of protein. Stim pack. } & D all those years taught me a few things courage. Meta-Amphetamine, right? { 203 } { } { } { } { {. Dont believe me ) 1730 } { myn145b } { Oh, this weapon is this my?!

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